Our Focus at FCN


We are a community of Jesus followers who are on a journey of a lifetime! 
Our mission is to Build Bridges of Love that Lead to Life!


We are a Christian People

Our journey is one that has been entered upon by many who have come before us, and who now walk beside us.  Many have taken this path less traveled.  Many have ventured into this incredible life in Jesus.  Many have left footprints of faith, hope, and love that encourage us as we follow.  We identify ourselves with the historic roots of the Christian faith, and the community of Christ followers throughout the ages. 


We are a Holiness People.

We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins so that we could experience His forgiveness and enter into a real relationship with Him.  Although we believe that God loves us just as we are, we have come to realize that He loves us too much to leave us there.  When we enter into a relationship with Jesus we are not only forgiven, but we begin the journey of transformation from the inside out.  God wants to re-create, and re-shape our lives as they were intended.  He wants to shape our hearts and lives to look like Jesus.  He wants to make us holy.


We are a Missional People

When we enter into a relationship with Jesus we enter into a life of God's amazing grace and blessing.  However, our journey with Jesus is teaching us that experiencing the blessing of God's grace is not an end in itself.  We are blessed to become a blessing, and we are saved to serve.  As God fills our lives with His grace His love cannot be contained.  It overflows through our words, actions, and attitudes.  God has something for us to do here!  We are called to express the Good News of Jesus in our world.  


Don't get us wrong, we have not arrived yet.  We are still on the journey.  We still face everyday struggles, pain, and at times, yes, failure.  The difference for us is that we are no longer living on the treadmill of life going nowhere fast.  We have entered a journey of grace, truth, love, and forgiveness.  We have a new hope!  We are finding that the more real we get with God, and each other, the more real God becomes  to us.  And, we are finding that this is not a solo journey.  We are better together.  We travel with the community of Jesus - His church. 

It is our hope that you are either on this journey, or about to begin this journey of a lifetime. If you haven't found a community to travel with we would  love for you to consider making the journey with us! The only requirement is to come as you are, and open yourself to the amazing adventure of who you will become, and where you will go as you follow Jesus.